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About Us

INSIDEMETALS.COM is a website subscription service offered to mining professionals and individual investors who want to participate in precious metals investing.

It is of particular interest to those that wish to directly own shares in precious metals producing mining companies. Dr. John Whitney, Ph.D in Mineral Economics, Pennsylvania State University, 1976, and M. Sc. in Mineralogy, University of Nebraska, 1971 is the Managing Director of InsideMetals. This service by InsideMetals allows easy financial comparisons of companies listed on United States stock exchanges (NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ) and reports on the mine production, ore reserves, new project development, and exploration activities of the listed companies, along with financial statistics, their hedging policy, stock performance charts and links to press releases.

InsideMetals is a timely service for investors in the commodity markets, especially the strong gold market of the last three years. The data provided by InsideMetals will save many hours of research, and the statistics collected by the technical staff of Whitney & Whitney, Inc. is compiled using forms prepared by Dr. Whitney to present a ranking of each listed company, per exchange, as to the quality of the company as an investment, compared to the other listed companies.

Established in 1977, Whitney & Whitney, Inc., provides:
  • Dr. Whitney is President and founder of Whitney & Whitney Inc. a Reno, Nevada based management consulting firm. Established in 1977, Whitney & Whitney, Inc., provides: Management, technical, and operating support services

  • Mineral project development, economics and cost studies

  • Metallurgical process evaluation

  • Open pit and underground mine planning and exploration assistance

  • Mineral economic studies and financial analysis of mining projects and operations

The source data for InsideMetals.com will be gathered by Whitney & Whitney Inc.'s experienced mining professionals from annual reports, quarterly reports, press releases, regulatory filings, and technical reports about each company. Each company reported on must be a producing company that has at least 40% of their sales from precious metals. The requirement that each company must have production and sales of precious metals allows the financial analysis to be based on real earnings. The staff of Whitney & Whitney Inc. includes experienced operating geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, and mineral economists who are highly qualified to review source documents and report on issues deemed material to investors.

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